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What you see is what you get!

Seeing is believing & hence my own image on the label. Urja Inc, my company name, stands for all that is natural on mother earth and needs energy from the sun to survive. Urja means the energy we get from the sun.

No Blah Blah !! only the real story. The most often asked question to me is, about my age. That actually tells me that, after all, age is not just a number, but it actually matters.

Even at this age I feel and think young, I still feel the need to look after my hair and skin, lips and eyes. Why? Because I am aware that there are two major factors that are responsible to get me all the compliments I receive with great humility.

1) Consistency

2) Great hair and skin products I can trust.

How many of us have started a hair and skin care routine and left it mid way for reasons like, not getting quick results, being a little lazy, getting tired of a really elaborate regime or even the sheer lack of patience? Well, almost most of us, isn’t it?

At URJA INC, I have tried to simplify this whole process for you, by making products that you can have faith in, and using trusted and all natural ingredients (Geeta’s Hairoil have ingredients that have FDA approval) that are processed by me to maintain the purity and the most important of all, an all in one concept that goes with most of my products, to combat the lack of time and tiredness towards achieving your beauty goals.


How it started Well, it all started from my need to always use natural and chemical free products on my hair and skin. This oil was exactly that !! Natural, pure, chemicals & preservative free with no synthetic and artificial fragrance and colors.

When my son was young, an Attorney to be, he went through a massive hair fall cycle, for a very long period, due to various factors, such as, stressful schedules, keeping awake for studies at nights, and much more. Loosing your hair at a very young age can play on your mind 24/7. A vicious circle of stress, hair fall, dandruff, sleepless nights, more stress, huh !!! I started applying the hair oil I made for myself , which I now call as Geeta’s Hair Oil, using it regularly and massaging his scalp and hair, atleast thrice a week, we were soon seeing results, we were happy to notice that his hair fall had stopped and soon we could see a new healthy crop of hair again, which made me a happy mom and my son ? Feel proud of me !!!

With my own natural hair oil, I was very successful in maintaining my crowning glory for a very very long time, even after my sons marriage. But, unfortunately I had to go through a hormonal imbalance cycle and it played havoc on my long healthy locks and I suffered a very terrifying experience of hair thinning. No amount of medicines worked and as a result, I almost lost all my hair. But my own hair oil came to my rescue. It was a time of going through emotional roller coaster for me. My oil was my only ray of hope. Today I am ecstatic to get my identity, my hair back, which is no less than a miracle at my age.

Our oil is hygenically made and handcrafted in small batches to keep the product fresh as dew for you. Made by the ancient Ayurveda process which is painstakingly lengthy, and involves cooking, infusing, and straining, with all the purest and most natural ingredients which are, well, hair friendly !

Not to forget the environment, we have thought of keeping the packaging at minimum and not produce any waste that could further harm the nature. Please help us save mother earth, because we believe in the future.

The image on the bottle is of the creator.
Yes, it’s true ,The image on the label is mine !!!

This oil is made by a procedure from ancient Ayurveda, painstakingly lengthy process of blending oil and herbs together & cooking and straining them in a natural process.

100% Pure, Herbal & Natural
No sulphates, parabens
No artificial colors
No harmful chemicals & pesticide free
Gluten free
Cruelty free, we love animals.
Ammonia & Alcohol free
No artificial Perfume /No synthetic fragrance

What do we make this from?
Made from Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Organic Sunflower Oil .
Pure Coconut Oil.
Amla/ Indian Gooseberry.
Hibiscus/ Jaswand
Nigella seeds/ Black seed.
Trigonella foenum graecum/ fenugreek seeds.

For Men & Women
Handcrafted in small batches to treat your hair lovingly and helping them to maintain your crowning glory for years to come , just as your grandma would do for you.
Helpful in reducing hair fall, premature greying, dandruff and flaky dry scalp.
Improves manageability, adds moisture without becoming greasy, conditions and moisturizes your scalp, reduces frizz and dandruff and flaky dry scalp.
A sharp contrast to chemical rich oil formulas found today in the market.


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