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Hair yoga serum from URJA INC, is a unique formulation. For Men & women. It is a 100% Natural serum without any preservatives, chemicals or silicone ( so it does not dry out your hair in the long run ) no artificial color nor fragrance.? Its a bottle full of vitamin E for your hair. It keeps your hair nourished and cared for. Made from the best ingredients, it is actually? a food grade product.? 


It can be used dually, as a serum and as a hair growth oil. It is super effective in aiding hair growth in men balding pattern. Keeps your scalp moisturized and nourished and your hair soft and silky. 


How to use:?Use as a hair oil, massage into your scalp for two minutes. Keep it overnight for best results and then wash it off in the?morning. And use it as a serum, to manage dry flaky hair. Take 2 to 3 drops of URJA INCS Hair Yoga Serum, dab it on you hands and apply to your hair length before going out.?


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